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Meet The Pastor

Hi! I'm Justin and I have been the Pastor of Canyon Creek Christian Fellowship since October of 2013. I have the priviledge of Pastoring with my wife, Courtney. 

I'm a dad to three amazing girls and I wouldn't have it any other way. (yes, I've heard the teenage years might get crazy, but I've still got some time until then.) 

When I was 8 years old I felt the call to become a pastor. My parents were/are missionaries with Youth With A Mission and I grew up in Los Angeles where I was homeschooled (I've worked on my social skills a lot since then). I moved to Australia to begin a school with Youth With A Mission where I rediscovered my passion for pastoring. I loved 0ne-on-one discipleship and teaching the Bible. God's call when I was 8 was coming to life! 

A few years later a girl from Calgary came to do a school that I was staffing with YWAM, and as they say: the rest was history. 

I started at Canyon Creek as a Youth Pastor in 2007 and in 2013 became the full time Pastor. This is a church that I love so much. I was married here (well, not technically. We're in a school gym and although it would've been cheap my wife said no) and had my girls dedicated here. This is my family. I was always drawn to this church's authenticity and their desire to be a welcoming community. It's a church where it is ok to ask questions and where I am inspired to grow as a disciple of Christ. 

I love studying the Bible and preaching from my heart. That's been such a joy for me! I also love skateboarding when the weather is nice and deep artsy movies. 

If you're planning on visiting I would be happy to welcome you  to our church!

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