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Reading Through The New Testament In 2016. Day 140. 1 Corinthians 8

Being smart and right and winning arguments isn’t our calling. It is to love people.

At this time there were people that were smart and progressive. They were eating food that was dedicated to idols, because they knew there was only one God, therefore the idea that food dedicated to a statue didn’t mean anything. So they ate up.

There were other people though that were struggling with that. They didn’t want to partake in food that was given to an idol.

Obviously, they just need to study more and catch up with the more progressive and smart Christians… right?


The point isn’t to be smart, progressive or right. The point is to lift each other up and to be loving towards one another.

Paul says he would rather starve than to cause someone to fall.

I have that syndrome. It’s so satisfying to study something and know things that people don’t. It’s so cool to go have a beer at the pub because Jesus ate and drank with sinners (but really you just like causing a stir and has nothing to do with loving people). It’s so cool to be edgy and smart and progressive. It’s so cool to make controversy and cause debates and shut people down.

It’s so cool, except it’s not.

Because serving, loving, caring for, lifting up, encouraging, and being in unity with your brothers and sisters is what it’s about. Not being cool.

So, stop being so cool and smart and edgy. Instead be loving, caring, selfless and kind.

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