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Reading Through The New Testament In 2016. Day 144. 1 Corinthians 12

This chapter is pretty integral, and also a chapter very often addressed.

We are all members of one body. We all have different roles and functions. We all have different things to offer.

For me, my role that I excel in is youth. I absolutely love working with youth and hanging out with them, and investing into them. But let's say that's the arm. Yeah the arm is important, and has a crucial role. I know my role in the church body is needed and is important. But an arm without the rest of the body is useless. I can be excellent at leading youth, but to be honest I'm not good at say - administration. Or developing adults. Or meeting new people. There's so many things I don't have that would make me not useful if I didn't have others to compliment it.

Bottom line is, we need each other. We need the toes, the fingers, the head and all of the limbs and body parts. We need people who can sing, and people who can bring in new people. We need lovers and teachers and poets and artists. We need everyone. We need you.

Spend some time in reflection on what you're good at. Look for mentors who find the good in you. Embrace it- we are all one body and need your help too.

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