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Reading Through The New Testament In 2016. Day 145. 1 Corinthians 13

This is the love chapter.

Oh how I love love. I especially love romantic love. Like - who doesn't. I love intimacy and closeness. I love the feeling of mutual love. Knowing that the person I love, loves you back. It's just so perfect and nice and warm and fuzzy. So this chapter is great. It tells us about love. And it tells us about God's love for us, and our love for him and his people. It tells us to love unselfishly. It tells us to love, and how important that is.

I think love is unmatched when it's done unselfishly. When someone does something for me with no other purpose other than to love me, I can't help but just feel so good. This one time a friend wrote me a very long letter about how much they cared about me and called out all these good things in my life. I felt so loved - there was no reason for it to happen. There was no selfish gain. It was just to make me feel closer as a friend.

So let's look at these verses. Love is patient, love is kind. I'm reminded of how God loves us. God is so patient with us through our sin. Imagine this. You sit down with a friend, and they spit on your face. You kinda like them less, no? You get angry and a little upset.

Now imagine that happening hundreds of times daily. Eventually you get sick of it and disassociate with them. Whether that's after 1 spit in the face or 100, everyone has their braking point. The thing is, is the sin in our lives is spitting in God's face. We do so much to not deserve God's perfect love. And yet he still loves us. Not only that, he sent his son to be brutally murdered for us. So that we can live forever. That's a kind of love that's so incomprehensible.

So if God loves us through all of this, then I think we can love his creation and him. I think we owe that to him, no?

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