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Reading Through The New Testament In 2016. Day 148. 1 Corinthians 16

It would be super cool to have such a united church like in the first century. Individually, congregations got messy yeah, but between congregations they seemed to get along really well.

Paul ends his letter by mentioning a bunch and how they’re all related. Remember what I said to the Galatians? Do those things. Do one of you guys wanna come on a trip with me to another church? I’m hanging out with the church in Ephesus right now.

It would be awesome if we could even have that in our own city. Churches fight amongst each other to much, criticizing eachother, not doing anything together, and fighting for people that are then only allowed to go to that one church or it will be a betrayal.

I think it’s super cool to look at pictures of when the Pope does anything or Christian Conferences because there’s such a huge number of people at those events that every church group is represented. Catholics, Calvinists, Evangelicals, Orthodox, etc. No one cares about their theological difference, just being together as a church.

Let’s try to bit a bit more universal the way we approach church, and stop putting frankly dumb walls up between churches. We’re all brothers in Christ.

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