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Reading Through The New Testament In 2016. Day 152. 2 Corinthians 4

Why isn’t it easier?

This following Jesus business. Why can’t I say a prayer and have the spirit’s power overcome all my weaknesses. Why do I fail so much? Why am I so tired? Why do I get cranky when I don’t eat breakfast?

In 2 Corinthians 4, Paul says that it’s not to confuse people — this power doesn’t come from us. We’re weak. We’re broken. We struggle. We are hard pressed. We are persecuted. We carry around with us the death of Christ along with his resurrection. Yet, within these weak bodies of ours is hidden a treasure — in our weakness God uses us and makes us strong.

We’re like jars of clay with treasures hidden inside.

At this time in history clay pots were the best you had for storing anything. You used clay pots to hold flour, oil, and any treasures you might have. The clay pots would frequently have to be maintained — moistened so they wouldn’t crack. These clay pots were brittle. They couldn’t stand up to the heat of life.

Yet, within them could hold the most valuable of treasures. As cracked as they became, it didn’t diminish the treasure inside.

So, the same with you.

In fact, sometimes its our cracks that allow people to see the treasure God has given us. It’s the depressed among us that can help to heal those who are also depressed.

It’s the man who overcame his addictions who can walk along side someone else who is addicted.

It’s the woman who was abused that can help her friend become free from her abusive relationship.

Often times it’s our weaknesses that become the greatest source of light for people.

Yes its hard. Yes we’re weak. Yes we crack under the pressures of life.

But God still hides his treasures within us.

Lets end today’s reflection the way Paul ends the chapter. The hard times we endure will be nothing compared to the eternal glory that awaits us. So, let us not be overcome, don’t give up, don’t fall into the thinking that God can’t use you. Keep your mind on this:

It’s going to worth it. It’s hard now, but the glory that awaits will outweigh it all.

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