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Reading Through The New Testament In 2016. Day 159. 2 Corinthians 11

How often do you boast? My favorite kind of boasting (because I do it all the time) is when people subtly say how they’re bad at something in a vein attempt to hear a compliment in return. Here’s a big one for me: “Oh I didn’t do too well playing guitar today”. If you hear me say that, I probably am just looking for someone to affirm me, and tell me I’m good. In a way, it’s a secret kind of boasting, because instead of me telling others that I’m good, I am pruning for others to tell me that I am good. Probably not healthy at all.

Paul talks about boasting in this chapter. He talks about if we boast, that we boast in our weakness. What does that mean though? I think it means that we boast in how we are nothing without Jesus. We are weak piles of dirt without Jesus Christ in our lives.

So let’s do this. Boast in our weakness, and how Jesus has surfaced us out of our weakness. Let’s not manipulate people into telling us we are great. Let’s not brag. Let’s not boast. But if we do boast, let’s boast in how weak we are without Jesus Christ in our lives.

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