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  • Nicholas Pollett

Reading Through The New Testament In 2016. Day 161. 2 Corinthians 13

I honestly had a really hard time coming up with a reflection for this chapter. It’s essentially Paul telling the church in Corinth to get their act together before he visits them again. Not much encouraging, not too much that’s teachable from, or relevant to our current circumstance.

After pondering for a while I realized something about this passage though, that’s pretty relevant to a faith problem I deal with a lot. Often I get really discouraged because it feels like getting it together is impossible, like sin is a constant that for whatever reason wont go away, and fullness with Christ just isn’t a thing we can have.

Paul tells the Corinthians here that none of that is true though. He knows all of their problems and shortcomings and the ways they struggle and believes it can all be overcome. He says it in a bit of a harsh way to be sure, but in saying ‘get your act together before I visit or else’, he is saying that they can get their act together. That with faith in Christ, it’s achievable. They just needed some extra motivation.

So just remember that we’re not perfect, but any struggle no matter how constant can be overcome through Christ.

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