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Reading Through The New Testament In 2016. Day 164. Galatians 3

Paul talks a lot about Abraham and the gospel in this chapter. How can a guy in Genesis be related to the gospel though? Probably in the most fetch way possible is how.

Paul brings us back to Genesis 12 where God blesses Abraham and promises to make him into a great nation. Part of that blessing is that ‘all nations would be blessed through Abraham’s seed’. The Jews thought this meant them, the nation of Israel. Paul says though that seed there is singular, which points to Christ. That the fulfillment of the promise to Abraham was that through his line the Messiah would come, and save everyone. Therefore, by faith we are all children of Abraham. The Jew/ Gentile divide isn’t really that big of a thing anymore since Christ brought us all in and saved all of us, not just the Jews.

That was a big thing the Galatians, being mostly gentile, were concerned about. How can we be saved if we’re not the people of God? Paul say’s we’re all the children of Abraham, brought into the family of God and the blessings he promised. Everyone who as faith in Christ is an heir to His kingdom, and brought into the family of God.

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