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  • Nick Pollett

Reading Through The New Testament In 2016. Day 171. Ephesians 4

Across the entirety of Paul’s career he seems to have one big problem that plagues him wherever he goes. Every church he writes to seems to be dealing with the same big issue, and that issue is that the church isn’t unified. Paul really digs into the Ephesians in chapter 4 here because it seems like they’re not even trying to be unified.

The emphasis on not fighting within the church, or having big disagreements in Paul is so big it’s weird that we don’t pick up on it much today. Paul says in this chapter that they church can’t fulfill its purpose, and that the Christ won’t dwell amongst them if they aren’t unified. It’s huge to Paul. He says if people in the church fight over theological differences, they’re no better than the gentile philosophers. If people are angry at others in the church, they’re not living in the forgiveness of God. He goes on and on with stuff like this in every letter, and really digs for it here.

It’s crazy to think that if the church doesn’t get along with itself that it doesn’t have a purpose. That the great things God uses His church for don’t happen. So maybe we should try to get a long in all humility with each other, even if there’s big theological differences, even if someone has wronged someone else, or any other reason because then God will dwell with us, and only then will we be what God intended us to be.

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