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Reading Through The New Testament. September 16 2016. 1 Thessalonians 3

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Good gossip?”. Sounds kind of like an oxymoron. But I kind of like the phrase. You see, the way I look at gossip is talking about someone behind their back in any kind of negative light, or in a way where you wouldn’t want the person you’re talking about in the room with you. So, instead of talking about other people behind their back in a negative light, talk about them in a positive way. Instead, talk about them in a positive light. When you talk about others, talk about them in a way that is encouraging and spreads love.

In this chapter, Timothy did a good job of doing that. Timothy came back and shared with Paul about how faithful and love the Thessalonians were, and now they were being acknowledged because of it.

So when you talk about other people, make sure you talk about them with love and with the grace of God. Who are you going to talk about in a positive light today?

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