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Reading Through The New Testament - September 26th, 2016 - 1 Timothy 1

After reading this morning’s Chapter I was reminded of Erik’s first sermon at CCCF about how mentors were the reason he came to Christ and continues to grow in Christ.

This is a letter from Paul to Timothy, his son in the faith.

Which reminded me of my “Pauls”

Matt Dawson

Rick Bayer

Mark Buchanan

Bill Biensch

Alex Lerch

Kirk Williams

John Bills

The mentors in my life that call me to greater faith. To live a life faithful to Jesus. I wouldn’t be here without their encouragements and challenges, their listing ears and empathy. Their ability to tell me things straight when I need to hear them.

Then I started thinking about the privilege I’ve been giving to be a mentor to others.

Tim Chase

Alex Wright

Erik Davis

Ethan Biensch

These young men who I hope someday will go on to mentor the younger guys in our church. These young men who are growing in faith an love, and I am so lucky to be a small part of it.

I remember hearing from Ed Dobson, a pastor of a large church that had to retire due to ALS. He said he had to change his ministry from speaking to thousands to speaking with one person at a time.

He surprised me by saying that his ministry to one person at a time was more effective.

I’ve found that too. When I pour myself into one person over coffee, listening, praying, giving advice where I can, is often more valuable than when I speak to many.

There’s something about mentoring and being mentored… That must be why Jesus called us to make disciples. That’s how we do it. One person at a time.

To close today’s reflectins, don’t forget how much you need a mentor. Someone to walk you through tough situations. Someone to listen to you when you're down. Someone who doesn’t let you wallow in self pity.

And similarly, don’t forget that those younger than you need you too. They need your wisdom, your experience, your care.

I hope we don’t become so busy we don’t see the young people around us longing for a mentor.

Every Timothy need a Paul.

Every Paul needs a Timothy.

Who is your Paul?

Who is your Timothy?

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