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Reading Through The New Testament - September 27th, 2016 - 1 Timothy 2

What do you think the most vital ministry of the local church? Is it programs, or activities? Is it playing music, Sunday school or the sermons? Maybe.

However, Paul seems to think that the most vital ministry of the local church is prayer.

Prayer. Not the things we do. Not how we behave. Not how we worship. But prayer.

Prayer moves the hand that governs the world. We must pray for our leaders. We must pray for our programs and activities and also include prayer around them. Sunday school and sermons are important, yes, but they’re not as important than the prayer that goes into them. Teaching Sunday school without asking God what he wants done can oftentimes yield little fruit. When God’s people do not prayer for the things within the local church, or even outside the church, I don’t think we are fully steeped in God’s will.

Pray for all people. For those who lead us, and for those who we lead. Who have you prayed for today? Take sometime to pray for those who lead you in your life. Whether that’s your government, your church or your workplace.

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