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  • Erik Davis

Reading Through The New Testament - September 28th, 2016 - 1 Timothy 3

What does a good leader look like?

Oftentimes a good leader is often perceived as someone who is confident, knows what he/she is doing, and can accomplish tasks. When you look at a situation, and look at getting things done,

This is one of those scriptures that just say it as it is. Do you want to know what the qualities needed are of an overseer or leader? They’re found, right there in the first verses of this chapter.

A leader is to:

Be above reproach

Faithful to his wife





Able to teach

Not given to drunkenness

Not violent


Not quarrelsome

Not a lover of money

Must manage his family well

I’ve had leaders and bosses in my life that did not exude these traits. Because of that, they only hurt the people they were leading. I’ve had it in both a ministry and non ministry setting. Sometimes we see certain attributes like being able to teach as a quality a leader needs. But that is only one trait of the dozen or so listed. If you feel called to leadership, be weary to know that this higher standard is now given to you. What does a good leader look like? A good leader is a leader that has not some, but all of these traits.

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