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Reading Through The New Testament - September 30th, 2016 - 1 Timothy 5

What generally is the root of problems that are caused in a church? Oftentimes it is people not getting along with each other to a certain degree. Paul suggests that we treat people the way we would treat members of our own family. If older people complain about things, deal with them as if they were your own parents, and accept the younger believers as brothers and sisters.

The main point I take away from this is the church IS our family, and if they actually are our family we should treat them like family. If your mother was sick, would you not visit her in the hospital, and help her around the house. The same should be done for others in the church, for they are also your extended family. This ties really well into the hospitality sermon this past Sunday. How are you making other people in our church, new or old, feel like family in our church?

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