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Reading Through The New Testament – October 3, 2016 - 1 Timothy 6

I’m in bible college, and the students around me love debating the bible. I actually find people like debating the content and the translation or the theology from the bible too much. A big one that I often hear is literal 6 day creation vs. creation spanning over millions of years. Their arguments often accomplish nothing. So much so, that their arguments probably turn people away more than anything. If I was ever to be turned away because of a person, it would probably be someone who argued theology and never applied it.

Read verses 3-5 and search your heart to see if any of those sinful attitudes listed are hidden in there. Remember, you can never debate people into the kingdom, or into a more sanctified life. The only person that can do that is the Holy Spirit.

So let’s check and make sure that are unhealthy controversies are put to the side. Because really, God is still the same whether he created the Earth in 6 literal days or not. Let’s drop that argument and go out and love someone.

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