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Reading Through The New Testament – October 5, 2016 - 2 Timothy 2 Today, a paraphrase of 2 Timothy

Dear You,

My Dear Son/Daughter, this Faith — the gospel — is something you throw yourself onto. It’s not an afterthought, a nice addition, or the latest life improvement strategy. This is the Truth, the news of the living God loving us. So, throw yourself into it.

It’ll be hard. Don’t think this means all will go well for you. Actually, you will join me and all the saints in suffering for Christ. Even better, you’re joining with Christ in His suffering too. It is in this suffering that we are refined and get to share in the strength Jesus found on the cross.

Why are you getting so caught up in things that don’t matter? You care about this or that, or who thinks what, or what to wear, or eat or whatever. When a captain gives you an order to follow him/her into battle to you then care about the latest fashions? Focus in on what is really important and you’ll find so much more life there.

Focus on this. Jesus left the throne of heaven to come and die for you and for the world. He’s inviting you to share in the love the Father has for him. To share in life. To share the benefits of his throne — to receive his inheritance instead of the one you deserved. Don’t forget the amazing grace of God.

Don’t forget:

Dying for Jesus means finding life.

Being faithful to Him means he’ll be faithful to you.

He never gives up on you, so don’t give up on Him.

Be a Godly example of this for all around you. Be the type of person that inspires not the person that weighs down with constant negativity and hopelessness.

It’s not all about you. It’s about God filling you. But be a vessel worthy to be filled. Open yourself up, offer God a vessel like a gorgeous vase, not a decrepit garbage can.

Do work you won’t be ashamed of. The work that makes people go “Wow! You’re different! What’s going on here?” Live a life that gives glory to God and don’t lose hope.

Run as fast as you can towards things that make you more mature and inspire you to do what is right. Run even faster away from shallow things that are keeping you down.

In God’s grace, you are stronger and capable of so much more than you think! Don’t grow weary and don’t give up!

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