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Reading Through The New Testament – October 14, 2016 – Hebrews 1

The beginning of Hebrews! It is interesting to note that the book of Hebrews has the strongest case for it to be written by a woman. This is a tidbit of information I remember learning in school. Moving on.

Hebrews 1 focusses on Jesus, and how great he truly is. How often do you think of Jesus as someone who is the final word? I know subconsciously I do not a lot of the time. When I have financial stress or relational stress, I often forget about everything else other than that stress, including Jesus. I pray to God to take away that stress, which is a good thing to do, but I often forget that Jesus is always the final word.

How comforting would it be if we fully lived in this idea that Jesus is King, and what he says is true? Through Christ, we understand where everything has come from, where it is going, what keeps it going, and why it is here.

I think we all understand what he has done for us. He literally died for us. He is enthroned in glory, yet still desires a personal relationship with every single one of us. With a savior like that, why do we look for a substitute?

For me, it’s because I do not fully trust in the redemption and freedom offered through Christ. But I can tell you this much – When I do believe in that redemption and freedom, I am that much more free, indeed. So even when I do have stresses, it is good to acknowledge them. But it’s also healthy to understand that Jesus is there with you the entire way. His yoke is easy, and burden light. He will carry that for you.

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