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Reading Through The New Testament – October 28th, 2016 – Hebrews 11

One of the very first sermons I can coherently remember hearing as a new Christian was on this chapter. I remember the preacher calling this chapter the “Faith Hall of Fame”, as it listed these great men and women of the Old Testament that had such great faith in God. Basically, all of the biblical bigshots are listed: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Issac, Jacob, Joseph… the list goes on.

So, what is faith and why did these people possess it?

Faith is the confidence in God that leads to obedience in God. This can be applied to every single person in this chapter. Because you see, people with faith DO things for God, not just sit on the sidelines. You have faith in a team, you’re not going to not pay attention to it. But the difference between having faith in a team and faith in God is massive. You see, having faith in a team is a luxury. Having faith in God is a necessity. These servants of God had great faith, and that’s why they’re listed in this “Hall of Fame”

But there’s one thing I will always remember from this sermon that the speaker preached on. One thing that stuck with me. Verses 36 to 40 was talked about. And one thing I remember him saying was something along the lines of: “Not everyone who trusted in God was delivered or protected. Faith in God gives you the ability to endure where others might give up.” I am glad I heard that early in my faith journey. I am glad I recognized pain and suffering were still going to happen. Because really, these Hall of Famers went through trials despite full reliance on Christ. So remember: Just because you have faith, it doesn’t mean you won’t have pain. Faith will give you the ability to endure, for you know your purpose is grater than your own.

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