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Reading Through The New Testament – October 31st, 2016 – Hebrews 12

As a kid, I was often corrected for doing wrong things. In fact, I was once that kid with a magnifying glass burning ants on the sidewalk. Maybe it was a bit sadistic, but it’s funny how sometimes we see God in that way when he reprimands us. It’s kids who sit and play with bugs. God however, loves us in a way that it would be an insult to think of him in a way that was someone who enjoyed our suffering.

Oftentimes people can read this scripture and see it as God punishing us. I don’t think that’s the case here. In verse 5-11, “chastening” refers to child training, helping the child prepare for adulthood. It does not necessarily mean punishment for disobedience, although that may or may not be included. The beginning of the chapter talked about a runner running a race. The successful runner must exercise discipline and submit to training. God’s goal through this is your maturity. When it feels like there’s chastening, remember it is only there for the sake of your growth. God isn’t a kid with a magnifying glass burning ants. God’s want for us is to grow – and sometimes growing hurts.

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