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  • Erik Davis

Reading Through The New Testament - November 9th, 2016 – 1 Peter 1

The theme of this first letter Peter writes is the Grace of God. As you read this book this week, see if you can pick up on different sections where this theme is highlighted.

I like the way that Peter starts his letter here. It’s in a similar fashion to how Paul starts his letters. It starts off encouraging, and acknowledging who they are. It starts off as a prayer, something that we can learn from ourselves. How often do we start off addressing people with prayer?

Anyway, this chapter addresses a call to living our lives in a holy way. Verse 13 seems pretty matter of fact: “So think clearly and exercise self-control”. This sticks out to me. I think thinking clearly and self-control go hand in hand. Self-control comes in so many forms, and sometime it just comes to control of your mind. Maybe your upset from someone taking advantage of you. Maybe someone said something that set you off. Maybe you’re just thinking thoughts that are not healthy for yourself. But how do you think clearly and exercise self-control? The chapter addresses it at the beginning of the chapter. We live with greater expectation. We acknowledge our priceless inheritance. We see that he has given us new life, and that our old life is no longer a part of us.

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