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Reading Through The New Testament - November 11th, 2016 – 1 Peter 3

Honestly, I want to just react when someone attacks me. Recently, I found out some false gossip was being spread about me. You see, sometimes gossip has elements of truth in it, but this time, I really had no idea where any of it came from. I just had no idea why it spawned. I started investigating – I wanted to clear my name.

When I found out who the perpetrator was, however, my initial thought pattern was not to deal with it with grace. I legitimately planned a way where I could just make their life more difficult. How dare they spread untrue information around about me.

But that’s not what this chapter says on how we should live our lives.

Grace continues to be a theme through this chapter. Wives, clothe yourselves in righteousness, and not worldly possessions. But husbands should live as though their lives were priceless, delicate artifacts – treating them with gentle love and never in a harsh way. And this ties in to how we should behave as Christians together. Keep our tongue tamed. Do not repay evil for evil. Give blessings, not punishments.

Luckily I did not spread around additional rumors, or go and make the situation worse. But it’s interesting to note that my first response was not grace, but to repay evil with evil.

In what ways are you repaying evil with evil in your life?

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