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Reading Through The New Testament in 2016 - November 18th - 2 Peter 3

Peter mentions at the beginning of the chapter why he has written two letters now. It’s because this church needs to be reminded to keep their thoughts wholesome. Eugene Peterson translated it “to hold your minds in a state of undistracted attention.”

Peter writes because we all need reminders to focus on what is important. The battle is fought and won by staying focused on what is important — and what is important is living a life at peace with Jesus (vs 14).

There’s a warning in this chapter that holds a lot of weight. Peter talks about when God is faithful to His promise and He does return everything that didn’t matter will fall away. Money will be melted in the fire, your clothing, your status — everything. When this happens Peter wants us to barely notice because our lives have been built on a stronger foundation, on a hope that never fades.

Therefore, do everything you can to live a life in purity and peace. Live each day knowing that if Jesus were return today you would be ready and would have no regrets. Live today in a way that is totally focused on what is important and try to let go of the distractions.

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