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Reading Through The New Testament in 2016 - November 28th - 2 John

This book is one chapter. In good John fashion, this is another book about love. He reminds them to act in love, but also reminds them that this is not a new commandment, but one that has existed since the beginning of time.

One thing that we might forget in this fight for love is opposing the enemy. The enemy is busy, and we must openly oppose him. Blindly allowing fellow believers not lead truthful lives is in a way supporting lies. The millennial generation is afraid of saying things as they are. We want to be more accepting of everything. Which in a way, could be a good thing. Those who do not believe are simply not held to the same standard. We do not need to stop them from lies, for they do not even know the difference from truth and lies.

But if a fellow believer is lost, we need to guide them and direct them. If a brother or sister in Christ is in sin, it is our responsibility to guide them away from it. For there are false teachers who will guide them toward that sin, and we need to stand up against it. And how do we know a false teacher? By knowing who Jesus’ true character is. That just brings reinforcement to staying grounded in the word and understanding who he is through the book he gave us

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