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Reading through the New Testament in 2016 - December 1st, 2016 - Revelation 1

Welcome to December and welcome to our last book of the Bible: Revelation.

To start can I say a few things? I’ve had a recent renewed love for this book. Why? Because it is often talked about, but rarely read, often misunderstood, rarely followed, and most importantly this book has inspired me to be a Jesus person more than ever!


John was exiled to the island of Patmos for the sake of Christ, as he says in this first chapter. He was on fire for Jesus, which meant he didn’t live for the empire of Rome. They exiled him because Jesus was his King and not the emperor.

This is a book about who we worship and how that is the most important question we’ll ever answer.

Imagine if you had a vision of Jesus exactly as John did in chapter one.

Long robe and golden sash, hair like wool, eyes like a blazing fire, feet bronze glowing in a furnace and a voice like rushing waters. His words like a double edge sword piercing your heart, and his face shining like the sun.

Well, I would listen to Jesus. I wouldn’t take his words lightly. I wouldn’t try to worship the empire and Jesus at the same time.

John realizes that at the end of this all there will be Jesus standing there. He’s the beginning and the end.

In his hands he holds the keys to death and hades.

John shows us that Jesus isn’t just an inspiring teacher or just a good Rabbi. He’s the alpha and the omega. One day all will see him coming with the clouds, even those who rejected him.

When I read these words I don’t want to be found in the end giving my heart to things that fade and pass away. I want to have given my heart to the one who will stand with me at the end of time, holding the keys to my destiny.

This is a book about the past, the present, and the future. But more importantly it is a book that asks us who we worship?

As we finish the year with this last book, I pray that more than ever Jesus becomes the person you live for. You wake up in the morning with his name on your lips, and sleep at night with Him as your last thought.

I pray that we have the strength to live for Jesus in the age of emperors and empires that constantly want to pull us away from him.

May you today rememberer that there will be one person standing before you in the end, and it is Jesus.

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