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Reading Through The New Testament in 2016 - December 6th, 2016 - Revelation 4

What Heaven actually looks like isn’t mentioned often in the bible. Heaven is mysterious, and there are countless theologians with countless ideas to what it actually might look like when we die.

But Revelation 4 talks about nothing but what Heaven will look like. It has such incredibly visual imagery. It is described with such elegance and beauty. It also says that we will be worshipping God in Heaven. In fact, the song “Revelation Song” comes directly from this chapter.

For this reflection, listen to this song. It turns this chapter into a worship song, and I think it does a beautiful job in doing that.

While listening, really imagine what it might to be fully engaged in worship for the rest of eternity. When the chorus comes in, picture thousands of angels singing:

“Holy, Holy, Holy, Is the Lord God almighty, who was and is and is to come.”

Now take into account that we are praying for this heavenly kingdom to show up here on Earth. We can catch glimpses of what heaven will look like, and I really do think that it’s in these worship experiences that we get to see a taste of what heaven is.

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