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  • Erik Davis

Reading Through The New Testament in 2016 - December 7th, 2016 - Revelation 5

To me, this is where the book starts getting kind of weird. A lamb with seven eyes and seven horns that apparently represents Jesus?


No thank you. That’s weird and different and I don’t even want to touch it with a ten foot stick.

So, I went straight to the commentaries for this one. There’s much to say about this chapter, and easier routes to take, but this one is just different and worth being explored. So instead of a proper reflection where we learn to apply what we learned to our lives, I want to just learn a little bit with you guys, so I can understand this chapter a little more.

Here’s what Ellicott’s commentary has to say on it:

The seven horns denote completeness or fullness of strength. The seven eyes, like the seven lamps (Revelation 4:5), represent the Holy Spirit in it’s manifold girts of grace; but as they are described as eyes of the Lamb, they betoken His omniscience who is in heaven and yet, by His Spirit, everywhere (Matthew 28:20) whose eye is on all events, great and small; whose eyes behold the children of men.

So, what I gather here is that this is incredibly intense imagery, that serves a purpose of not being scary or weird, but to show the completeness of Christ’s strength. This is something I can get behind. For me at least, it helps me understand the point of talking about a seven horned, seven eyed lamb.

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