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Reading Through The New Testament in 2016 - December 8th, 2016 - Revelation 6

There’s a reason I don’t read this book often. I don’t understand it, and it’s kind of weird and kind of scary. Am I reading some Stephen King novel? It seems like that after reading this chapter.

One thing that I found interesting while reading this is that the wrath that is happening in this chapter comes from the wrath of the lamb. This coming judgement comes from Christ. So, today I want to talk about judgement.

I feel like all of us as Christians know that we are not to judge, as we are not God. But, I feel like that sentence is too fleeting, and doesn’t carry that much weight into actual application.

I’ve probably judged a Christian in this past week. In fact, sitting here thinking about it, I have. I often compare their sins to mine, and get frustrated and gossip about how they could be doing better in their journey.

Which is absolutely ridiculous.

Because I am in sin by playing God. I have no right to judge. In fact, Revelation 6 shows that Jesus is the only one who can judge, and that his judgement will come swiftly and hard. I think that that helps align myself to the God I am serving. He is all powerful, and he is the only one who judges.

But doesn’t that make our life a little bit easier? Who goes to heaven and who gets condemned is completely out of our hands, for it is not us who decides. This belongs to Jesus only, and I think we would function so much better if we left judgement up to Christ alone.

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