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Reading Through The New Testament in 2016 - December 20th, 2016 - Revelation 14

In this chapter, it seems that John is using agricultural images to tell us that the time is right for judgement. How do you feel about judgement? What emotion does it stir up for you? I can honestly say that although this chapter is a bit different for me, I somehow managed to find hope through it. It seems to me that there are clear warnings and clear repercussions to worshipping this beast.

I think that is why it’s really important to read the bible and have a better grasp of it. Recognizing who Jesus is can only be done by seeing the true Jesus presented in scripture. The thing is, is that revelation is incredibly symbolic and taking this book figuratively would only be a disservice to the book itself. The meaning of this chapter is that there will be a judgement coming. We don’t know what that is. We don’t even really know what it will exactly look like. But we do know that this is something scripture promises.

Does this make you uncomfortable? If it does, why does it make you uncomfortable?

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