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Skating Party at the Boswell's

Every year the Boswell's open up their home to everyone at Canyon Creek for a Potluck/Skating Party on Lake Sundance.

You can be an amazing skater like Bill Biensch (who skates backwards, which for some reason I can't do however hard I try) or you can be like me, who would rather stay inside and watch from a couch and have a hot apple cider.

One of our values at CCCF is friendship, and this Sunday we have a great opportunity to have fun and get to know each other so much better. Please plan on being there if you can make it!

Where: The event is at the Boswell's. Please message us on Facebook, or email us, or call 403-256-3167 for directions. (I hesitate giving their home address online. But if you don't know where it is, please let us know!)

When: It's at 3:00pm This SUNDAY with a potluck supper at 5:00pm

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