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September at CCCF - Jubilee

Are you ready for September?

September is the time we come back from our summer vacations, pack away the tents and trailers and look at returning rested and inspired for another season of productive work.

Or at least it’s supposed to feel like that.

So, to get everyone pumped up for what God has for us in this new season, I wanted to look at the book of Leviticus.

You know, the book that gets everyone pumped up? Like chapter 15 on (wait for it).... discharges.

Well, not really. In my experience, Leviticus gets a bad rap. It’s the book that many quit reading the Bible through a year in. Why? Well, it’s laws. And laws. And laws.

And as we all know we are not under the law! So, why bother with Leviticus with its outdated laws?

Because every law has a story.

Every story has meaning.

And specifically, we’re looking at one law that might be way more relevant to us than we realize.

Well, it was a law about having a year of jubilee! A year where the slaves were free and debts were canceled and land was returned.

What was the story behind this law? And what does it mean for Canyon Creek right now?

Well, so many! Releasing, Returning and Renewing to be exact. A time to realize that there is enough. There’s enough to rest, to cancel debts, that God has enough for you and for us!

I hope you’ll come and check it out starting September 10th at 10:30am and continuing into October.

Or as I like to put it, September 10th starts our year of Jubilee!

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