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100 Days of Prayer at CCCF

We’re inviting all of our church people to join a group of 3 to meet 10 times in the next 100 days for prayer and sharing.

Why, you ask?

We’re seeking God for a renewal of our purpose and vision as a church. We want to encourage as many of us as we can to enter into a time of discerning and listening with us! What better way than to get together and pray!

You’ll grow deeper in your friendships

It is a great way to develop more ownership in our church.

and finally, because God answers prayer. This group will become a steady reminder of what God is doing in your life.

How do I start?

The concept is simple and straightforward. Sign up online here, or on a physical copy at our Sunday service. You can sign up as a group of three, having already invited who you’d like to be in a group with, or sign up as an individual and be placed into a group of three.

Once you or your group has signed up, you can start meeting. Arrange a home, coffee shop, restaurant/pub, park etc and meet for 45min-1hour.

Here’s some questions to go through together in your group:

  1. How are you and God doing? Share where you’re at personally - physically, spiritually and emotionally.

  2. How has the Holy Spirit been nudging you in the past few weeks? What has He been affirming? What has He been Challenging? Share anything you feel you’re learning through reading the Bible or life experiences.

  3. Who is one person you know would benefit so much by knowing Jesus?

  4. How should we be praying for our church and it’s leadership? Then pray as you feel led.

  5. Share with Justin or any board member about any cool insights or stories from your group!

That’s it!

you can join a group today!

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