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Walden: Lent at Canyon Creek

Jesus lived simply.

He didn't seem to be too busy to have spontaneous dinners with tax collectors, pharisees, or "sinners".

He had time to walk.

He had margin. This margin allowed him to connect with people, himself, God and nature.

Life is getting more and more complicated with more and more things demanding your time, energy and money. So, it's important we experience lent this year as a way for us to come back to a simple stillness to see what matters most.

This year for lent we want to create more space for connection, God, and nature. We want to take stock on the clutter in our lives and let the most important things float to the top.

Join us on Sunday, March 3rd as we begin our lent series, and join us Wednesday evening on March 6th for a special lent service here at 7:00pm.

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