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What is Canyon Creek's Summer Of Love?

The birds are chirping, the flowers are in bloom -- what better time is there to talk about love?

This summer we're going to have some fun, go outside, and focus on our relationships. What relationships you ask? Romantic ones? Platonic ones? Our relationship with God? Yes! A resounding yes to it all!

We've got special guests coming to share, will spend some Sundays outside, and enjoy the more laid back setting that summer gives us!

It all starts in June!

June 2nd - Special Guest - Pastor Mike Swalm

June 9th - Special Guest - Compassion Canada to share about how our Church's sponsorship of our two children works

June 16th - Exasperate No More! - Raising and Teaching Kids with God's Heart - Father's Day Breakfast

June 23rd - Special Guest - Shannon Dean and the ministry of Camp Chestermere

June 30th - Ok, Let's Talk About Marriage

And much more! Stay tuned for July - August

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