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What happened at the getty.

I never felt I really quite fit into the thing often called "Church", which is a weird thing for a pastor to say.

But, I always resonated with Jesus, His words for the outsiders, His compassion for the least of these. These were always in tension, because Church sometimes left me feeling like I wasn't good enough for God. I lived through the purity culture of the 90's, the camp altar calls, hours of listening to people who seemed to fit and feel like they were "in" all the while feeling like if they are in then I must be out. Is the church a place for insiders, a place that serves the core but casts aside the corners and margins as not good enough? Or is there a vision of church that is expansive, exciting, inclusive and bursting with life and joy and peace for the entire world?

In early June I walked the halls of the Getty Museum, I cried in the gardens there, something dawned on me and I had to find somewhere to share it. This is what happened at the Getty.

Come and join me as I share a talk that has been deep on my heart for a long time.

Here at Canyon Creek

November 23rd, 2019 7:00-8:00pm

Free Tickets are available here

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