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Always Give Us this Bread (Communion Sunday) - Everything You Need To Know

Can Church exist without communion? What do you think? I've had to think about this a lot. Without communion what is the church? A place of social connection, a place of activism, a place of love and service -- none of these things are bad, but these things can be mistaken for church rather than the fruits of communion. Communion is the life of the church - and the rest is the overflow of it.

So, I've wrestled with this over the past few months when hopefully we've had communion with Jesus, but we haven't been able to share the meal of communion together. But we have found a way to share the Lord's Supper together! And it is happening this Sunday (details to follow).

If you are able, and it is safe for you, please join us in person. We have a large space in the Gym and are able to stay distanced with masks, and if at all possible it would be great to see you! 10:30am at 333 Midpark Way SE.

For those not able to join us due to geography or health/safety/family reasons we are so grateful to have our online option for you:

Simply click this link on Sunday at 10:30 am:

Or phone in by calling: 1 587 328 1099

Meeting ID#: 835 5404 4006

Our online program is a great accompaniment to the service no matter how you join. Check it out here:

Taking Communion Together

For those joining in person the elements will be provided. To follow the AHS guidelines with COVID-19 we are providing individually wrapped crackers and juice boxes.

For those joining us online we ask you to prepare whatever elements you may have at home: bread, crackers, juice, or wine.

Sunday School

Sunday school options are available for children ages 4-12 online and in person.

Our Online Sunday school starts at 10:50am, and our in person Sunday school starts at 11:10am at 333 Midpark Way SE. You can also use the materials to do Sunday school with your children any time during the week.

All the information for joining online, in person, or doing at home can be found here:

As always I pray that you feel the deep love of God and your church. May you receive all the grace you need. I pray this service on Sunday is a gift of life for you. Hope to see you soon.


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