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An Interview With Shalin Kashyap - Everything You Need To Know About This Sunday!


Ok, this week we've got two very cool things happening.

Firstly, Shalin Kashyap will be joining us to tell us his testimony. Shalin is one of those people who you'll walk away going "wow, I had no idea!" when he shares his story. We're really honoured to hear about Shalin's life, what his Faith in Christ has meant to him, and what we can learn from his experiences.

Second! We were able to hire a student -- as part of a government grant -- to run Sunday school programs throughout the summer as well as an online VBS later in August. Her name is Ella, and she is awesome! She has experience being a leader in Young Life and knows Anita Wallace and Landon Buckley. I can't wait for you all to meet her and hear about her heart for Christ and teaching children. She began this week by compiling an awesome Sunday school lesson to be downloaded and done at home. This Next Sunday she will begin a 9:00am Sunday school zoom call for all our kids! We're really excited to have Ella with us this summer!

You are all invited to join our Sunday Service online or in person. To join us online you can click this zoom link anytime around 10:30am on Sunday:

Or phone in by dialling:

+1 587 328 1099

Meeting ID#: 862 7792 1740

For those coming in person: our Gym is open for socially distanced seating, masks and hand sanitizer are provided.

Parents! Check out Ella's first Sunday school lesson here:

Check out our Sunday program which has an intro for Ella, as well as a bunch of important info to accompany the service:

God bless you all. Being together with you (whether online or in person) is a highlight of my week. Thank you for being the church.


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