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Baptize The World - Everything You Need To Know For This Sunday

Hi Everyone!

This Sunday we end our series; "The Church: Who We Are, Why We Are and What Can Never Be Lost". Over the past month and half we talked about how the church is a community of new creation in Christ. New creation, even here, even now, the church is the community with the first fruits of heaven. This week we ask the final question: What are we here to do? What is our purpose as a church?

In Person: You are invited to join our worship service in person in our gym at 333 Midpark Way SE at 10:30am. We're very grateful to have a full size gym with plenty of room for a safe gathering. Masks are recommended and provided.

Online: We are also happy to have an online option for anyone that cannot meet in person due to health, safety or family reasons. You can join the service on Zoom by clicking here at 10:30am on Sunday:

Or you can phone into the service: +1 587 328 1099

Meeting ID: 898 6226 3984

Sunday Program: Check out our Sunday program with announcements, giving info, and so much more!:

Sunday School

Our fantastic Sunday school Teacher, Ella, will be taking this Sunday off. We will still have an in person Sunday school for children ages 4-12, but there will be no online Sunday school for this Sunday. Ella will be back next Sunday and our online option will be available next Sunday.

God bless you. I'm keeping you all in my prayers and am asking God to fill us with his love, hope and peace. I pray this service inspires, uplifts, and affirms how worthy of love you are.

Hope to see you Sunday!


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