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Break Down The Gate - Everything You Need For This Sunday

Hi Everyone!

Well, we aren't able to have our outdoor service as planned due to a change in Covid restrictions, but we are able to have a small band and broadcast from the gym this Sunday! So we invite you to make your home a sanctuary on Sunday morning and join us online as we gather for worship, prayer and a fantastic sermon.

Sunday we're looking at Matthew 11:12-15. Jesus says that violent people are raiding the Kingdom of Heaven. What in the world? Violence doesn't get to just take the kingdom! That's not how this works. Jesus just said that people can only kill your body, they can't take away your eternal life! So, what does this mean? The answer surprised me, delighted me, inspired me, and I am (of course) bursting to share with you the goodness in Jesus' words.

How to join the service at 10:30am this Sunday

  1. On Zoom:

  2. By Phone: +1 587 328 1099 Meeting ID: 823 4294 1989

  3. Check Out Our Sunday Program:

Sunday school For This Sunday

We offer a special zoom call for children ages 4-12 at 9:45am on Sunday. Here's what Erin has planned for Sunday:

Matt 9:9-13 ERV: Jesus Came for Everyone

We're familiar with the categories of popular people and outcasts. We may have experienced similar scenes as the one in the Bible story, where someone was judged for associating with a “loser.” Maybe we've felt like the “loser.” We'll be learning that in Jesus’ view, there are no outcasts.

Everyone is welcome. Activity: The attached colouring sheet!

Time: May 16th, 2021 from 9:45-10:25am pwd=ZmpWbUV4alp0bmgwMUV0Z3dkazhuZz09

Meeting ID: 752 4899 7519 Passcode: EMRbg8

Colouring Sheet:

That's it!

I pray you know how available God is to you this week, and if it feels like this isn't true, may you break down the gate and find that Jesus is pounding it down with you.

Grace and Peace,


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