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Calling Good Things Bad - Everything You Need To Know For Sunday

Hi Friends!

I love asking people this question: Is there a movie and most people love and you can't stand it (feel free to comment if one comes to mind)? I have one. I'll tell you on Sunday (the cover of the Sunday program might give it away). On a more serious note, it can be really hard when you see something as bad when others call it good and vice versa. How does that happen? Why does that happen? How do we get so divided on what is right, good and fair? Well, this Sunday we read a story about how the Pharisees saw Jesus healing people and called it demonic. How does this story reveal how this happens and how can we not fall into the same trap?

How to participate in Sunday's Worship Service:

In Person: Recent COVID regulations state that religious services have to operate at 1/3 capacity. Thankfully, since we started meeting in our gym we've been under that mark. We're well under 1/3 capacity of the gym and attendance. So, there is room for you if you'd like a place to come and be in a room with others. It can be good for the soul if it is safe for you!

Online: We also recognize that bubbles are smaller these days, and many don't have the option to join in person. We're so happy to offer a zoom option that is interactive and where you are joined by many other like you. To join click this link at 10:30am on Sunday:

Telephone: Or you can call into the service. Dial 1 587 328 1099 then punch in the Meeting ID: 882 7952 2656

Sunday Program: This is a great accompaniment to the service. It's got announcements, photos, prayer points and more:

How Our Kids Can Participate In Sunday School:

In Person: After our time of music and announcements children ages 4-12 are dismissed to a safely distances Sunday school Class.

Online: For our families joining from home we offer a lesson tailored to the online experience at 9:45am on Sunday on zoom. MEZDM0tlWWFpMHlEZz09

Meeting ID: 203 851 9820 Passcode: 91247

The lesson for Sunday can be downloaded here:

Well, that's all you'll need to know! Thank you all so much for joining in whatever way you can. Your presence is what makes this church. You are loved by Good and your church. Also, looking forward to hearing about what movies you don't like :)

See you soon,


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