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Confession - Everything You Need To Know For Sunday

Hi Everyone!

Last Sunday I shared that the church is a community of people experiencing new creation through Jesus Christ. Or another way to put it, people that can say "there's some first fruits of heaven growing through us, want to see it?". This has been bringing so much clarity and inspiration to me. I'm so excited to explore how we can unite with Christ and see more and more of His new creation.

But, if you're like me, it's too easy to say "yeah, but what about when the fruit is hard to come by? When things feel dry, or hard, or messy?", We've got this ideal picture of church in our head, and when we fall short we can start to think the best thing to do is to fake it until you make it, pretend everything is heaven when it isn't. But! I'm so excited to share on Sunday there's a better way! What is it? Confession!

Joining The Sunday Service

There are two ways to join us on Sunday:

  1. In person at 333 Midpark way where you can grab a chair, wear a mask, and sit safely distanced and enjoy the service.

  2. In person isn't the best option for some, so we've created a way to Zoom in safely from home: Click this link at 10:30am on Sunday

Or call in:

+1 587 328 1099

Meeting ID#: 839 7704 6156

Check out our Sunday Program for more info like giving, announcements, and more!

Sunday school

For parents or guardians with kids ages 4-12 we have some great options for your kids to participate in the service as well.

  1. In person: we have a classroom ready for a distanced Sunday school class which will begin around 11:00am.

  2. Zoom into the class: Set your child or children on a second device and have them join this zoom call when we start our greeting time: Meeting ID: 203 851 9820 Passcode: 91247

  3. Print out the materials and work through it with your kids anytime during the week

For more info and colouring sheets check out our Sunday School information sheet here:

There you go! Looking forward to another Sunday with you to explore how we can experience more and more this new creation Jesus came to bring. I pray you can feel the love of God and love of your church. God bless and hope to see you soon!


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