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Easter! - Important Information For This Sunday!

Hi Everyone!

Let's get to the important logistical information first: We are having an in person option for attending our service for Easter this Sunday! We will always have our Zoom option throughout the pandemic as well.

Our Plan A is to hold the service outdoors in the Trinity Christian School field at 333 Midpark Way. Currently the weather forecast is iffy with a 50% chance of rain. It is likely that we will have to move our service indoors, but the good news is that we have a full size gym available and can easily move our plans indoors if we need to.

We will announce on Sunday morning at 9:00am whether the service will be outside or in our gym. The announcement will be on our Facebook page at:

This update will be public and will be accessible regardless if you have a Facebook account or not.

Plan B is to move the service indoors. The current COVID restrictions for religious gatherings is 15% of fire code. Thankfully we have a full size gym with lots of room which means we can safely host 80 people indoors for our Easter service. We haven't been close to 80 people in person throughout the year, so if you want to come, there will be room for you!

We will be going ahead with Baptisms on Sunday regardless of weather. We are so excited to be baptizing 3 people on Easter Sunday! If the service is indoors, we will be inviting us all to go outside only for the period of the baptisms, so dress appropriately.

It's going to be a celebration on Sunday with a live band, a scavenger hunt for kids, and of course celebrating the resurrection of Christ through baptisms! I can't wait!

How To Join us at 10:30am on Sunday:

  1. In Person: 333 Midpark Way SE - Bring a mask, or we can provide you with one upon arrival. Bring a lawn chair, or use a chair that we can provide. Seating will be distanced and hand sanitizer will be provided.

  2. Online: You can also join us via zoom here:

  3. By Phone: +1 587 328 1099 Meeting ID: 884 7975 6962

  4. Sunday Program: We have a special Easter Sunday program formatted for mobile devices. This week for those attending in person all the words to the songs will be accessible via the Sunday program rather than slides - so be sure to have it on your phone for the service!

Sunday school

For this week only there will not be an online option for Sunday school in order to give Erin an opportunity to play on the worship team. However, families are welcome to Join us in worship as we celebrate that Jesus beat death and saved the world. We are not doing our usual lesson, but kids can go on a scavenger hunt with Erin as they listen to the sermon.

Good Friday

Tomorrow at 10:30am we are holding a special Good Friday service on zoom from 10:30am - 11:30am. We will be hearing the story read aloud, taking communion (at home, so have your elements ready!) and singing together. You can join us on Zoom here:

Thank you all for joining us for this special Holy Week. I pray you feel the hope of Christ's resurrection right where you are. Hope to see you in person or online soon!


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