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Faith ≠ Certainty - Everything You Need For This Sunday

Hi Everyone!

We're back to having an in person option available this week and moving forward. We can safely welcome 80 people in our gym this week, so there will be plenty of room if you are comfortable worshipping in person. Masks will be mandatory and provided as well as sitting distanced. Our online option is available as well!

This Sunday we're looking at some pretty harsh words from Jesus towards the towns he was ministering in. What caused these towns not to repent? Not to change? Not to trust Jesus? Maybe they were too certain they were right. Uh-oh, maybe we confuse certainty with faith, and what might be the difference. More this Sunday.

How to join us for worship this Sunday at 10:30am

  1. In Person: at 333 Midpark Way SE

  2. Online:

  3. Sunday Program:

Sunday school

Ella will be returning to teaching Sunday school throughout the summer as Erin will be working with Camp Chestermere!

The Sunday school call starts at 9:45am on Zoom and you can join that here:

And a printable lesson plan and colouring sheet can be found here:

Thank you everyone.

I pray this service this service comes to you like a gift. A time for you to pause and breathe, and be with God who loves you so much.

See you soon,


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