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Finding Rest in this Mess - Everything You Need to Know for Sunday

Hi Everyone!

This is Gwynne filling in for Justin who is taking a much-needed week off. Please give me grace!

As you have no doubt heard, COVID restrictions have been lifted on religious gatherings. This means there is no limit on the amount of people we can have in the gym, and we aren't obligated to sit distanced any longer or wear masks. Even though restrictions are lifted, we know that this doesn't mean everyone will be comfortable worshipping without restrictions.

With that in mind, here's what Sunday will look like in person: rather than set-up your own chairs, we'll have some rows set-up with seats in clusters with some distance from the next cluster, but it will look more like a usual church service with chairs set out for you. You are free to move the chairs anywhere in the gym to maintain any distance you prefer. Masks are no longer mandatory, but we do encourage people to wear masks and will continue to provide them along with hand sanitizer.

Throughout the summer, we will continue to have online Sunday School and, for kids that come in person, they are free to use the field, playground, or bring colouring/toys to the gym.

We've been through a lot of transitions in the past year and a half, and we want to thank everyone for how committed, flexible, and loving you've all been through the whole process! I'm excited to look ahead to a fresh start!

But first, let's find some rest in this mess! We are privileged to hear from Alyssa Wiens this Sunday. I am excited to hear what she has to share with us!

Here's how you can join us this Sunday at 10:30am

  1. In Person - Join us at 333 Midpark Way SE in the Trinity Christian School gym

  2. Online: Join us on Zoom

  3. By Phone: Call 587-328-1099 and enter meeting id 828 1975 0635 when prompted.

  4. Check out or online program with more important info for Sunday:

Sunday School

All kids ages 4-12 are invited to join a special zoom call at 9:45am on Sunday. Simply print out the colouring sheet and set-up your child or children with the zoom call and our incredible Sunday school teacher named Ella will take it from there!

Zoom info:

Time: Jul 11, 2021 09:45 AM

Meeting ID: 971 3437 2643

Passcode: 91247

Colouring sheet:

Also! There's an in-person VBS running from August 4-6 from 9:00am-noon each day. It's totally free and all kids ages 4-12 are welcome!

Please register your kids here:

That's it everyone!

See you in person or online this Sunday!


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