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Fret - Everything You Need For This Sunday

Hi Everyone!

So, we're at the last Sunday of our "Getting Through A Pandemic With The Psalms" series, as the next Sunday is Palm Sunday, and then Easter! Crazy right? For this last Sunday of the series we'll be looking into what we do with all our worries. This pandemic has brought forth more worry than normal (that's an understatement). What are we to do with all this extra worry we carry around? Well, Psalm 37 tells us we don't have to "fret", but more so it also tells us why! I'm excited to share with you how this Psalm has helped me not to worry through this pandemic and find more peace in Jesus.

Here's everything you need to know to join the service on Sunday at 10:30am:

Sunday's Worship Service

  1. On Zoom:

  2. By phone: +1 587 328 1099 then dial the Meeting ID: 873 9835 5452

  3. Check out the Sunday program:

Sunday school for ages 4-12

We also offer a special zoom call for kids! It starts at 9:45am. Our fantastic youth and children's pastor, Erin, leads a Bible story, sharing time, and a colouring sheet.

Zoom info:

Meeting ID: 784 3408 8329

Passcode: 9xtvHe

Colouring Sheet:

Thanks Everyone! I pray grace and peace over all you are going through, and pray this service brings you closer to God's love. Love and miss you all so much, thank you for being the church!


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