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Hope Starts With The Truth - All You Need To Know For This Sunday

Hi Everyone!

I had this thanksgiving sermon ready to go -- you know the one, it's a good one: Be grateful for what you have. The problem is though, that I have been toxically positive lately. I've been telling myself everything is fine! Everything is great! And look at all the cool stuff going on! But the truth is, sometimes real gratitude, real hope doesn't come from toxic positivity. It comes from a place much deeper than that and I can't wait to share what I've discovered with you.

Sunday Worship Service

There's plenty of space in our Gym for you and your family to join us for a mask on/distanced in person service. Service starts at 10:30am at 333 Midpark Way SE.

We're also happy to provide an online option for anyone not able to join in person due to health/safety/ or family reasons. Just click this zoom link at 10:30am on Sunday.

Or phone in: +1 587 328 1099

Meeting ID: 851 8456 2508

Our Sunday program is a great accompaniment to the service with announcements, giving info and more! Get it here:

Sunday School

We have a fantastic Sunday school teacher named Ella who offers online and in person classes for ages 4-12.

  1. The online class starts at 10:00am on Zoom. DM0tlWWFpMHlEZz09 Meeting ID: 203 851 9820 Passcode: 91247

  2. The in person option begins right after our worship time where kids are dismissed to a socially distanced classroom.

  3. You can download Ella's lesson plan here:

Well, that's it for Sunday! I pray you have a wonderful thanksgiving weekend and this service blesses you. You are loved, welcomed and wanted, by me and God.


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