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Hophni And Phinehas - Everything You Need To Know About This Sunday

Hi Everyone!

In September we're starting this series called "Church: Who we are, Why We Are, And What Can Never Be Lost". This Sunday is like the preface to this series. What happens when the church loses it's way? How do we get back on track? The good news is that God always has a plan for the church, even when we lose our way. Excited to share the good news with you again on Sunday.

You're welcome to join us in the Gym at 333 Midpark Way SE at 10:30am. We follow the guidelines for worship gatherings, which include distance, masks, and taking attendance.

Or, you can join us on Zoom by clicking this link:

Or dial in with your phone:

+1 587 328 1099

Meeting ID# 823 4849 4713

Please check out our Sunday Program with giving info, announcements and more!

Sunday School

This is our last week with Ella doing Summer Sunday school :( (thankfully we'll have Heidi starting our school year Sunday school on September 13th)

We will miss Ella and all the fantastic work she's done with our kids! But, it's not over yet! You can join this Sunday at 9:00am on Zoom here:

Meeting ID: 816 186 8895

Passcode: 912743

The Sunday school Lesson is here:

As always, May God bless you through the above services. We pray you find even more of God's hope and love in your life, more than you've ever had before. I hope however you join us you feel inspired to be the church wherever you are.

God bless,


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