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Jesus Slept - Everything You'll Need For Sunday

Hi Church!

How are you sleeping these days? Sleep is kind of a miracle right? That we can just lay down and turn it off and be calm. That's hard for me some nights, especially lately. It's too easy to feel the worries creep into the mind when I try to sleep. There's this great story in the gospels about Jesus sleeping through a storm. Imagine that? So much trust and assurance that he can rest anywhere. This Sunday we talk about trusting God and finding a place we can rest in any storms.


You're invited to join us in person at 10:30am this Sunday. We meet in a gym at 333 Midpark Way. We have plenty of space to remain safely distanced.

Or if you can't attend in person due to health, safety to family reasons we're happing to have an online option for you:

Our zoom call starts at 10:30am:

Or phone in by calling: +1 587 328 1099

Meeting ID: 898 0574 4133

Check out our Sunday program with more info here:

Sunday School

We also offer in person and online options for Sunday school.

This week are kids are learning about God's kindness and making Christmas cards for our Compassion kids.

  1. The online option starts at 10:00am WFpMHlEZz09 Meeting ID: 203 851 9820

Passcode: 91247

Check out Ella's lesson plan here:

2. In person: kids will be dismissed to a classroom around 11:00am after worship.

I pray that you feel the great hope that Christ gives to us. And you feel the power of being together as His church. Love you all.


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