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Jesus: The Stumbling Block - Everything You Need For Sunday

Hi Everyone!

I've always known Jesus as the bridge into God. Jesus is the reason it is even possible to have a relationship with God. However, in Matthew 11:1-11 Jesus is a stumbling block. Why is that? His cousin John is locked up in prison and Jesus isn't doing anything about it. Jesus can be frustrating. Do something! It's your cousin! Set him free! John the Baptist and millions of others misunderstand Jesus as someone who will liberate them through sheer force. However, Jesus' power always comes from the opposite. Is it possible if we don't get this, we too will just misunderstand and even worse become disappointed in Jesus too?

We invite you to join us online or in person this Sunday at 10:30am. Details Below

How To Join Us For Worship This Sunday

  1. In Person: Our full size gym will be open and we can safely host up to 80 people (which is plenty for our church, so there is space for you if you want to come). Children are welcome, however there is no childcare, so bring colouring or a game boy (do kids still play gameboys?). Masks are mandatory and provided if you don't have one!

  2. Online: Join us on Zoom! There are many at CCCF who use this option due to the many reasons COVID-19 has caused. We're grateful to have an interactive service with our online participants and many aspects of our service are led by people online. Join the service here:

  3. By Phone: +1 587 328 1099 Meeting ID: 812 1260 2280

  4. Online Program: Please click this link to get our Sunday program with more important info:

Sunday School For Ages 4-12

We provide a special zoom call for kids at 9:45am on Sundays. Simply set-up your child or children with the zoom call, print off the colouring sheet, and Erin (our youth and children's pastor) will take it from there!

Meeting ID: 770 4021 1590

Passcode: Jg9b5g

Colouring Sheet:

That's it! A bit of a spoiler alert, but the issue people seemed to have with Jesus is that he was more interested in mercy, healing, forgiveness, and love than He was with judgement. May you come to know the merciful Lord that Jesus is this week. The one that would rather restore you than be angry with you, the one who would rather forgive you than have you turn away in shame. May you come to Him! And may our service give you the space to fall into His grace.

God bless and see you Sunday!


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