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Lament. - An Ash Wednesday Service

This Wednesday evening at 7:00pm we will be hosting a lament service to start our Lent season together.

Why Lament?

Our Children's ministry pastor, Alissa, shared with me these definitions of lament that she found:

“Put simply, a lament is a repeated cry of pain, rage, sorrow, and grief that emerges in the midst of suffering and alienation…Lament, and in particular, psalm-like lament, is the cry of the innocent, the one who feels treated unfairly, who feels that God has somehow not lived up to the sufferer’s covenant-inspired expectations. Most importantly, lament is prayer.. Lament takes the brokenness of human experience into the heart of God and demands that God answer.” (Practice of Lament, 104)

“Lament allows us honestly to express rage to God for the injustices that constantly befall us but helps us at the same time to hold onto the compassion of God in the midst of human suffering. Lament enables us to recognize that we are not alone and that, ultimately, God has covenant responsibility for the consequences of evil.” (Practice of Lament, 105)

“Lament gives a voice to suffering and releases rage in a context of faith and compassion. In so doing, it opens up the possibility of life and liveliness in the face of those forms of evil that would seek to destroy both.” (Practice of Lament, 105)

We've been through a lot in the past few years, so I want us to get together and express all the grief we may be storing up within us, and let it out in a safe place before your church family and God.

We do this in order that we may acknowledge all that we've lost, all that has grieved us, in order to let God help us get through it.

We won't be judging or correcting. As long as it comes from your heart, and is presented to God, that is all we want.

You can share yours publicly at the event (online and in person) or you can simply listen, or write your own and keep it to yourself.

We will be reading scriptures, listening to laments and allowing time and space to process.

Will you join us?

In person at 333 Midpark Way SE

Online here: Topic: Lament Service

Time: Mar 2, 2022 07:00 PM Edmonton

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 837 0122 7767

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